Heat managers, a way to prevent your bong from burning out

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Are you a hookah lover? Then you need this excellent product to enjoy your shisha to the fullest and get the most out of your smokes. The heat managers are a tool that will help you distribute the heat more evenly throughout the bowl, making the tobacco is consumed equally. Do you want to know more about this product? Then this post is for you, read on and enjoy this new accessory that we bring you at Mr Shisha!

Advantages of heat managers for shishas

This product will save us time, since the preparation of the shisha bowl will be much faster, without having to use aluminum foil for it. will be much faster, without having to use aluminum foil for it. The heat manager will make the working time of the hookah much longer, intensifying the flavor of the tobacco for longer. This is because the temperature inside will be much higher.

Coal consumption will slow down, becoming much more productive. The bong heat manager will ensure that you do not consume the charcoal that falls into the tobacco when it starts to burn. When aluminum foil is used, it is perforated so that the heat can penetrate, causing the charcoal ashes to slip through the holes. In this way, this will not happen, making the enjoyment of the shisha much more pleasant.

How to use the heat manager in the bong?

In order to use it correctly, we must know that this item should not be placed on the stove to heat it.The temperature will rise too high, and in the long run this tool may be damaged or melted. 

Another of the things to consider are the heat and heat managers.. If you use an energy-efficient low-powered bowlThe tobacco can burn quickly, giving a bitter taste. To do this, use bowls that can withstand high temperatures, thus improving performance.

Screen heat manager, the best for your hookah

This screen heat manageris composed of two parts: the base where the charcoal is placed, and a cover with a tube, is made up of two parts. This allows to remove heat, avoiding overheating. This makes the tobacco last longer and does not burn. The Screen model is an excellent temperature regulator, having a constant performance.

The complete screen manager is made of aluminum, providing high quality and durability to this article. It is ideal for use in traditional bowls, such as those that are of type terracotta.

You now have all the knowledge you need to get your heat manager. After trying this, you won't want to use anything else when it comes to keeping your bong burning. At Mr Shisha we have all the products you need, are you ready to discover them, visit us and enjoy them all!